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Tissue Culture Teak
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Tissue Culture Teak

Tissue culture is the modern Plant Biotechnology that is applied for mass production of superior planting material. Tissue culture technology be utilized as a means to produce uniform desirable planting material on a large scale in Teak. Oxygreen Agrotech Pvt Ltd. is successful in identifying the “Plus Trees” with desirable characters in Teak in all major growing states and developed the tissue culture techniques for mass multiplication with clone marking.
Noble Wood:
Teak wood is considered a noble wood, due to its high durability, soft aroma, color and resistance. Therefore, it is not difficult to find luxury and innovative items made with teak wood.
Resistance to water:
The Teak tree has natural waterproofing properties that make your wood excellent for outdoor use.
The natural properties of Teak wood also make it resistant to pests and other harmful agents, contributing to its durability.
Teak wood is stiffer than many common woods, so it is commonly used as a floor. Even in high-impact locations such as dance floors, aisles, and sports courts, Teak is resistant to impact, reducing the need for maintenance and conserving the look of the place for longer.
Domestic applications:
These properties also make teak wood an excellent tool for kitchen and bathroom utensils. It makes possible an entire wood decoration in these places, from the sink to chopping boards and bowl.

Welcome to Oxygreen Agrotech
Welcome to Oxcygreen Agrotech

Tissue Cultured Teak Plantation Process